May I make the Sign of the Cross?

Question: I'm not Catholic. Is it wrong for me to make the Sign of the Cross?

SpacerNo, making the Sign of the Cross is not wrong for you (or anyone, for that matter). Although it is true that it is mostly Roman Catholics, Orthodox Catholics and some Episcopalians who make that sign as a part of their prayer life, it is available to anyone.

SpacerThe Sign of the Cross expresses blessing. It symbolizes God blessing us, God embracing us with blessings. And in this same sign we express our belief in God from whom all our blessings flow. In the Sign of the Cross we embrace our good God with mind and heart and all of our strength.

SpacerWith the Sign of the Cross we recall in particular the blessing of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. We trace a cross on ourselves, the cross of Jesus. His death on the Cross was an outpouring of love for us. The Sign of the Cross is a reminder of his love, a love found not only in the past, but here and now, as we make this sign upon ourselves; for the love of Jesus Christ abides forever.

SpacerHere's a link you may find useful: The Sign of the Cross

Contributing to this "Ask a Catholic" response was Fr Victor Hoagland, C.P.

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