Email us at ask [at] We'll route your queries to knowledgeable Catholics and then return their responses to you. Contributors to these pages include Catholic women and men from around the world. Some of the people who will answer questions include:

Anthony Behan, C.P. - has a rich Irish tenor that can be heard at St Joseph's Catholic Church in Paris. A native of Dublin, he has worked in Ireland, Scotland, and Rome. He enjoys great films and can recite by memory the plots and scenes of the greatest films of this century.

John Freund, C.M. - a Vincentian based at St John's University in Queen's, New York USA, he likes to play "geek" with his large site about the world-wide Vincentian family. You may not see his face - it's usually behind a digital camera. Oh, yes: he has taught Theology to college freshman and seminarians.

Victor Hoagland, C.P. - more than on 50 years as a Passionist and an "early adopter" of Internet possibilities. He has been known to ruin a good walk by chasing a little white ball, but his real interests are in writing, publishing, and preaching. He is based at St Michael's Monastery in Union City, New Jersey USA.

Maureen Skelly, S.C. - this Sister of Charity invites you to her Virtual House of Prayer. She directs retreats at Mount Manresa Jesuit Retreat House in Staten Island, New York USA. It's not clear that she ever has time to spare, but if she did, she would be rafting, camping, and generally enjoying the great outdoors.

Mary Ann Strain, C.P. - a Passionist sister based in Connecticut, she writes, preaches missions, and is experimenting with creative uses of computers to advance her charism. She is deeply interested in Ireland and Celtic spirituality, she appreciates women's basketball, and she bakes great bread.

The Webwoman - lives near Denver, Colorado USA and enjoys the pasty complexion of those who spend their days and nights huddled by the flickering light of a computer monitor. She deserts the computer to cook for her husband and to drive their daughter around.

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