Today, more and more people are attracted to the contemplation and service of Christ Crucified - in Himself and in the materially and spiritually poor.

Members of this community will affirm and support each other by their prayers and their love - and sometimes, though not necessarily, by their communal gathering.

Vision of this Community

The Community of Christ Crucified has a two-fold orientation:

    1) To center one's life on Jesus' Suffering. Christ Jesus will be the Way, the Companion and Friend on this spiritual journey of life.
    2) To strive for a compassionate heart. This will enable one to discover and serve the image of Jesus in the suffering poor and needy.

Characteristics of Members

  • Compassion - Compassion is the sign by which the world will know the members of this community. The person of Christ Crucified will be the power and wisdom of its members, and the poor and the suffering will be the object of their compassionate service.
  • Witness to the Gospel - Members of this community strive to give witness to God's unconditional love for each of us by their own compassionate love and service in a ministry of their own choosing.
  • Daily Prayer - Members will make a special effort to maintain conscious contact with Christ Crucified through the communication of prayer. He will be the Source of their faith, strength and courage.

Personal growth will be achieved by the practice of the characteristics of this community. Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit each will strive to recognize and develop her/his unique gifts.

The Eucharist as the 'living memorial of the Passion of Christ' will be the bond of unity and source of the life and love of the members.

The Holy Spirit is 'par excellence' the spiritual Guide of this community. St. Paul of the Cross (illustration above, right) will be the special model for this community. He was a contemplative at prayer, a great lover of the poor, a hunter of souls, an outstanding director of souls, a founder of a religious order - one who never ceased preaching Christ Crucified as 'the power and wisdom of God.'


Anyone may join. This community is open to anyone who espouses its ideas: young or old, single, married or divorced, laity, religious or priest - all are welcome. We all need each other.

The Community of Christ Crucified is the fruit of many hours of prayer, discussion and reflection of dozens of persons seeking a simple, yet dedicated way of following Christ Crucified in today's world.

It is not interested in large numbers of members, but seeks out those truly interested in working for the Kingdom of God today with Christ Crucified in a special Way.

How to become a member

In the presence of God, prayerfully make a deliberate decision to embrace the vision and orientation of this community.

Notify us of your commitment by writing to the address shown here. You will be officially enrolled in the Community Book of Membership. From time to time you will receive information regarding the ongoing life of the Community of Christ Crucified.


Because of the desire to keep this community as simple in vision and structure as possible, it is not necessary to attend any meetings. This does not mean that individual members cannot gather for mutual support and faith-sharing.


Small group assemblies are encouraged in this new Community. Guidelines will be supplied from the Center. The Director of each group will be a lay person.


There are no dues or collections. If a need arises for a modest sum to pay for literature for members, etc., members will be information. Even this will be voluntary.

Special note: Members of this Community will be automatically enrolled in the Confraternity of the Passion and thus be entitled to its privileges and indulgences. This new Community fulfills the demands for such Confraternity members.

To enroll, write to:

Community of Christ Crucified
Fr Victor Hoagland, C.P.
526 Monastery Place
Union City, NJ 07087 USA

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community [at]

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