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The Passionists: 150 years in America, continued

The Province of Holy Cross
Gerald Laba, C.P. - introduction to article

Expansion of the American province at the turn of the century prompted the provincial chapter of 1906 to recommend unanimously that the province be divided. Consequently, beginning July 30, communities at Cincinnati, Louisville, St. Louis, St. Paul, Kansas, and Chicago became the first foundations of the new province of Holy Cross. All were not in agreement with this decision, expressing concerns about personnel, finances, and the existing structures. An acceptable resolution of these matters was reached by both provincial councils during the summer of 1908.

Paul Joseph Nussbaum, C.P.An opportunity for collaboration occurred with the appointment of a Passionist as the first bishop of the Diocese of Corpus Christi. Paul Joseph Nussbaum (photo, right). who had served for seven years in Buenos Aires, arrived in the new diocese in June 1913. At the time of his installation, thirty-five priests were serving in nineteen churches and fifty-four missions, and more than seventy thousand of the eighty-two thousand Catholics were Mexican.

The bishop's plan for the spiritual development of the diocese involved the organization of parish societies, a regular program of spiritual exercises, and Catholic education. Becoming aware of anti-Catholic sentiment, he called upon the services of Frs. Camillus Hollobough and Isidore Dwyer, whose mission at the cathedral parish in 1915 was attended by many Protestants, Their lectures on the Catholic faith were well received and contributed to overcoming bigotry. Bishop Nussbaum submitted his resignation in 1920 and was appointed to the diocese of Marquette in 1922, where he again received apostolic assistance from both provinces.


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