The Passionists: 150 years in America

From the editor: We remember

This year, 2002, the Passionists will be in North America 150 years, and we are remembering. From August 20th to September 2nd, the various Passionist religious families and men and women associated with them will gather in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to commemorate the coming of four Passionists from Italy to establish the congregation on our shores.

vineFrom simple beginnings we have grown, and our growth was not by chance. We have been blessed:

Shepherd of Israel,
You brought a vine out of Egypt.
You cleared the ground,
It took root and filled the land. (Psalm 80)

The symbol of the vine helped our ancestors in faith understand their experience and it helps us, too. Small and insignificant on its desert journey, then planted, taking root and spreading over the land, the vine described Israel's history. True, sometimes it was cut down, sometimes reduced. This was part of Israel's history, also. Yet in God's care, the vine grows.

And so they prayed:

Attend to this vine,
The shoot your right hand has planted...

This is our prayer as we celebrate 150 years. In this issue of Compassion, gratefully remembering our past, we put our future in God's hands.

"Do you not see that everything that happens keeps on being a beginning?" asked the poet Rilke.

Celebrating a milestone, we wonder: what is beginning now?

Fr Victor Hoagland, C.P.
Editor, Compassion Magazine

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