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Mission Fulfillment in the Saint Paul of the Cross Province

Mission Fulfillment Group

by G. Daniel Carney, Esq.

SpacerIN THE 1980s, the members of St. Paul of the Cross Province (eastern United States) saw that their charism was a gift to be shared with all those who worked with them in their various ministries (lay persons, deacons, and other religious -- described as collaborators). How to share that charism effectively?

SpacerThe 1990 Provincial Chapter established a Task Force of vowed Passionists, lay persons and other religious to make recommendations for such a process of sharing. The process itself came to be known as "Mission Fulfillment." The 1994 Chapter constituted the Task Force as a standing committee, chaired by Fr. Gerald Laba, C.P.

SpacerAt the 1995 Regional Days throughout the Province, lay collaborators spoke to the assemblies, reflecting on their experience of ministry and work with the Passionists, reaffirming the importance of a collaborative approach to ministry.

SpacerEnthusiasm for the concept grew. By 1998 the Committee was established as the Mission Fulfillment Administrative Board. The Board is currently co-chaired by Lucian Clark, C.P and Sarah McPherson. Father Gerald continues his exuberant support.

SpacerThe Board saw it was necessary to develop immediately Province-wide programming, enabling vowed Passionists and collaborators to come together in various places to share the St. Paul of the Cross charism more fully, to work together in his spirit more closely, and to establish a wider pool of participants in the Mission Fulfillment effort.



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