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SpacerIn 1995, following an "enrichment weekend'' at West Hartford, the Province began to sponsor a series of weekends formally named Enrichment Weekends at various Passionist Retreat Centers in the eastern province. These weekends were planned and implemented by members of the Mission Fulfillment Board. The first such weekend was presented in August, 1996 at the Retreat Center in Pittsburgh, PA.

Group of Participants"The Enrichment Weekend gave me a spirit of being part of a family and having my role more clearly defined from a feeling of just helping out. I came to realize that l am really part of the Passionists' ministry." --participant

SpacerA typical Enrichment Weekend involves:

  • presentations by vowed Passionists on the charism and spirituality of Saint Paul of the Cross in history and in contemporary times (Track I) and also
  • presentations on the many faces of Passionist ministry in the present world, particularly to the poor and marginalized, as lived and experienced by vowed Passionists, other religious, deacons, and lay presenters (Track II).

SpacerTime is available for shared prayer, liturgy, sharing the experience and meaning of the weekend and socializing. There have also been two weekend retreats for persons who have completed both Tracks I and II.

SpacerTo date, more than 300 people have participated in Enrichment Weekends. They have come from 12 states and 22 ministry sites in the United States, Canada and Jamaica, West Indies. Presentations and shared experience in the work and ministry of the Passionists have come from approximately 42 persons, vowed and laity, who have been presenters at the weekends.

SpacerAs of now, three programs have been presented by the local community in Pittsburgh; the community in Union City is into the planning stage; and the communities Atlanta Georgia (USA), Scranton Pennsylvania (USA), Canada, and the West Indies are scheduling planning sessions.


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