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SpacerThe most recent weekend was held at St. Paul's Monastery in Pittsburgh from April 12 through April 14. The theme of the program was "The Journey to Jerusalem - Then and Now". Track I included presentations on the spirituality and charism of Saint Paul of the Cross, both historically and now. Track II included perspectives of contemporary Passionist ministry by a vowed Passionist and sharing of collaborative ministry by four laypersons. The program featured shared prayer and liturgy elements described above and on Saturday night, a prayer service and "Ice Cream Social" with the Passionist nuns at their convent in Carrick. The highlight of an evening with the nuns was a wonderful learning/sharing opportunity.

Three Women"The last Mission Fulfillment Enrichment weekend was definitely an enriching, energizing, and rewarding experience. I was able to accept that by sharing, we encourage and discover one another. The end result was a renewed spirit and the desire to walk in unity with the Congregation of Saint Paul of the Cross. "
--Marta Flores

The April 12 - 14 Mission FuIfillment weekend was one of the best yet. I still keep learning about Saint Paul of the Cross and his spirituality and the work of all those committed to advancing the mission of the Passionists, both vowed and non-vowed. Looking back on one of these weekends is like looking back on a family reunion. There I met another "branch of the family", got a better sense of where I fit in the family structure, and learned more about what it is that makes us family -- the Passionist Family."
-- Sarah McPherson above, left to right: Sarah McPherson, Sr Paul Marie, C.P., and Marta Flores

SpacerIn September 2001 the Provincial appointed Dan Carney, a practicing Pittsburgh lawyer, as Director of the Office of Mission Fulfillment. He works with the Board: enhancing the Enrichment Weekend programs and assisting local leadership in establishing ongoing programs.

SpacerMembers of the Board and the Director will have an active presence at the Sesquicentennial celebration in September. They are also looking into possibilities for Mission Fulfillment interacting with the Passionist Volunteers and Passionist Associates in the eastern province, as well as with Passionist Partners in the western province.

SpacerWhile neither the full meaning of "Mission Fulfillment" nor the directions it will take have fully evolved, it is quite clear that the program has blossomed and is growing. As more and more persons attend the Enrichment Weekends and retreats, returning to their local leaders energized and with glowing reports, the numbers being sent to the weekends are increasing. The understanding of and buying into Mission Fulfillment is quickly growing throughout the province.

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