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Associates of the Sisters of the Cross and Passion

by Helen Crowley

Passion FlowerSpacerThe Associates of the Sisters of the Cross and Passion are men and women who enter into a non-vowed relationship with the Passionist community. By covenant they commit themselves to living the Passionist charism and the mission of the Passionist Sisters in their own way. They share in community gatherings and join the Sisters in prayer. They are responding to an invitation of the Spirit, a call that began with their Baptism.

SpacerThe Associate way of life began in Our Lady of Dolors Province of the Passionist Sisters over ten years ago, when Vatican II asked religious orders to share their charism with people outside the vowed community. Some Sisters began to invite men and women to come together for faith-sharing and prayer. Many of those first invited knew the Sisters from working with them in ministry. Some were former students; others had shared in the Retreat House ministry, either as presenters of retreat conferences or retreatants.

SpacerToday, Associate communities are found in Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, and Jamaica, West Indies. There are Associates in California. Florida. Georgia, Maine, North Carolina, and Texas. A community is forming in Memphis, Tennessee. There are as many different ways for individuals to become acquainted with the Associate community, as there are Associates.


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