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SpacerWhen candidates decide to become Associate they declare a covenant before an assembly of Sisters and other Associates. The covenant speaks of striving to live the charism in every day life and commitment to the community. The covenant is renewed on an annual basis,

SCP groupSpacerCommunity gatherings take many forms. Monthly meetings of Associates and Sisters provide continuing formation. Associates or Sisters may speak on the life of Saint Paul of the Cross, penance and reconciliation, or Mission. There is time for prayer, for socializing, for telling personal stories about life's challenges and responses to the love that God shares with us each day. photo: Passionist Associates and Sisters get together

SpacerAssociates attend Provincial Assemblies, participate in community retreats, and support the Sisters in any way they can. The development and presentation of a Triduum retreat at Our Lady of Calvary Retreat House is one of the proud contributions that Associates make.

SpacerIn recent years, Associates have become more active in helping the Sisters with their governance. In 2001, for the first time, a member served on the Coordinating Committee for the Provincial Chapter. Associates served on various committees submitting reports for the Chapter, and were invited to commit themselves to attendance at the Chapter. Since the 2001 Chapter meeting, the Associate Core Team leadership is shared by an Associate and a Sister for the first time in Province history.

SpacerAs the community grows, both the Associates and Sisters continue to grow together as Passionist community. They consider where the Spirit is calling them. And they dream of finding new ways to live the covenant in a community that proclaims God's love.


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