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From the co-editor: Good news

The news seems to be all bad this year. Read the paper, listen to the radio, or surf the Net and you face a barrage that can break your heart: terrorist attacks, the collapse of corporations that seemed rock solid -- and scandal in the Church.

Mary Ann Strain, C.P.It's heartening to remember that Saint Paul of the Cross, the founder of the Passionists, lived in times like ours. Then, Italy was torn by war; most people lived in poverty and the Church seemed far removed from the ordinary person. In his day, Paul became convinced that he was called to help his contemporaries know the love of God manifested through the suffering and death of Jesus on the Cross. For us today, the spirituality and charism of Saint Paul of the Cross and the mission of the Passionist community are still timely.

Throughout his life, Saint Paul of the Cross shared his spirituality with committed lay people, and in turn was supported by them. The tradition begun by the founder continues to add richness and diversity to the Passionist story through the centuries.

This September, over 700 Passionist men and women -- priests, brothers, sisters and committed lay people -- are gathering in Philadelphia to celebrate l50 years of Passionist presence in the United States. This issue of Compassion looks at some of the ways that lay people who recognize the message of the Cross for our times associate themselves with the Passionist Community. These wonderful committed people are some welcome good news in difficult times!

Mary Ann Strain,C.P.
Co-editor, Compassion Magazine

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