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Passionist Oblates in Kentucky

by Mother Catherine Marie, C.P.

AMONG THE MANY PASSIONIST associations springing up all over the world today are the Passionist Oblates associated with the cloistered Passionist Nuns of Whitesville, Kentucky. This work of the Spirit was initiated by Tom and Debbie Carter of Benton, Illinois.

During the construction of our new monastery, the Carters would drive three hours from Benton to Whitesville in order to join the crew of volunteers helping us paint areas within the monastery cloister. Working side by side with "polka-dotted" Nuns whose veils and habits sported various colors of paint, Tom and Debbie received an interior call to participate more deeply in our Passionist mission.

Soon, others became interested in sharing our spirituality. A few years later, the "foundation" of the Oblates of the Passion took place on December 13, 1997, as the first group was admitted by the superior into the formation program.

After a four-year formation, this first group of Oblates made their Passionist commitment, (the "Act of Oblation") on April 29, 2001, following a retreat preached by Fr. Frederick Sucher, C.P. Two diocesan priests, together with a group of married couples and single people, each in turn pronounced their wholehearted return of love to Jesus, crucified and risen:


"For the honor and glory of God, and in response to his call, I (name), freely desire to lead a life of greater conformity to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In the Passionist spirit, I promise to promote devotion to the Passion of Jesus according to my abilities, and to strive for holiness according to the obligations of my state in life. I entrust this gift of myself into the hands of Mary, Queen of the Passionist Congregation, invoking her intercession and the intercession of Saint Paul of the Cross and all the Passionist saints."


Those who join the Oblates do not become religious. While remaining involved in the ordinary affairs of the world, they pursue a life of holiness in the spirit of the Passionist community in ways compatible with their state in life.

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