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The Oblate guidelines

The Oblate guidelines, entitled "The Oblate Companion", went through several revisions before final approval on the Feast of the Solemn Commemoration of the Passion, 2001, by Most Rev. Paul M. Boyle, C.P., Bishop of Mandeville, Jamaica, West Indies. The "Companion" is a handbook of Passionist spirituality adapted to life in our busy modern world. Bishop Boyle approved it for use by any Passionist community throughout the world.

Oblate ceremony"The Oblates of the Passion are an association of Christ's Faithful affiliated with a Passionist monastery or residence." (#1, Oblate Companion) Membership is of two forms: Oblates and Associates. People are called into either group as inspired by the Holy Spirit or indicated by the duties or situations of their private lives.

"Oblates" are those who make the Act of Oblation and, as much as possible, attend the monthly formation meetings. Some Oblates have already been called by the Holy Spirit to pledge a greater portion of their lives to the mission of the Passionist Congregation. photo: Saint Joseph's Chapel - an Oblate ceremony

"Associates" are persons who desire to share our Passionist spirituality and mission, but for whatever reason, do not feel called or able to make the public Act of Oblation. Included among these are the physically challenged, the sick, homebound, etc. The Associates are guided by a handbook of spirituality and are encouraged to contribute to the mission of the Passionist Congregation by uniting their sufferings and hardships to the Passion of Christ in a spirit of prayer.

The Holy Spirit has poured out a variety of gifts and calls among the Oblates. Home schooling moms, other young mothers and fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers, single persons, married couples, diocesan priests, widows and widowers are experiencing the drawing power of Christ Crucified through the Oblate program.

"With great love for Christ's Passion engraved upon our hearts, we endeavor to make its saving power present and fruitful in all places and circumstances " (#4, Oblate Companion). Always seeking to grow in knowledge and love of Christ, and "experiencing that love for Christ Crucified is creative and life-giving, we will discover many ways in which to fulfill this promise in daily life as the opportunity offers" (#20, Oblate Companion).


Some members are devoting themselves to a study of the Letters of St. Paul of the Cross. From this, interesting reflection papers have emerged on the letters to Thomas Fossi and Agnes Grazi. Because Thomas Fossi was a married man who had extensive business enterprises, Paul's letters to him are particularly helpful for married people, men and women alike.

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