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SpacerThroughout this process, both candidates and the community are asked to discern who are to be members of the Community of Passionist Partners. Discernment is a vital part of the candidates' first year formation, but it continues through the years as members grow spiritually. Above all, it involves prayer, especially prayer for the Holy Spirit's guidance. We express the results of our discernment through a covenant.

SpacerThe covenant is the focal point of the first year of formation and is made at the end of that year when a candidate is ready. The covenant is a special type of commitment:

  • It is made with one another, not with the Congregation;
  • It is made by both lay and professed members;
  • It is binding in a moral and ethical sense, rather than in a legal sense.

SpacerThese are the words we use:


"l covenant with you, the Community of Passionist Partners, in the presence of God, and witnessed by a representative of the Congregation of the Passion, to foster and pursue the memory of the Lord 's Passion, as a member of the Community of Passionist Partners, in accordance with the spirit and vision of Saint Paul of the Cross.

"I pledge to do so within the Community of Passionist Partners, for a period of one year taking part, during this time, in communal prayer and in ongoing formation programs of the Community of Passionist Partners, and in the practice of personal prayer and spiritual direction.

"In addition, during this time, I will make my individual promise of ways to live out the mission statement of this community.

"Furthermore, as an expression of my love and support for my brothers and sisters of the Community of Passionist Partners, I will serve with them in common mission, participating in community gatherings and entering fully into community life.

"With the help of God, the intercession of Saint Paul of the Cross, and support of this Community of Passionist Partners, I promise to fulfill this commitment."


SpacerThe covenant is usually made in each community in a solemn ritual celebration. Family members and friends may be invited. The new member formally signs a covenant form which is sent and kept on file at the Community of Passionist Partners' central office in Chicago. The Provincial Superior affirms the newly covenanted member with a letter of acceptance.

SpacerThe goal of the Community of Passionist Partners is to enrich its members with the spirituality of Saint Paul of the Cross. Our communities are devoted to the memory of the Passion of Our Lord, and we try to follow the Holy Founder's vision in our lives and ministries.

SpacerWe are learning together in our communities. And we think we are pointing to a new way of Passionist life: the covenant community, whose reason for existence is based on the Memory of the Passion lived in our everyday lives, whether we are professed religious or lay people. photo: Dan O'Brien

SpacerAs I travel around the province to the local communities of Passionist Partners, I hear people describe how the Passionist charism has enriched their lives and ministries, as they support each other in difficult times and celebrate and pray together. It's exhilarating to pray and share with them.

For more information on the Community of Passionist Partners, email Tim O'Brien


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