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Passionists at the United Nations

Fall, 2000 - Number 70

From the Co-Editor:

Kevin Dance, C.P.SpacerI'm Father Kevin Dance, a Passionist from Australia. In September 2001, at the conclusion of the Passionist General Chapter in Brazil, Father Ottaviano D'Egidio, our Superior General, asked me to represent our Passionist family at the United Nations in New York.

SpacerSince then, I have been making myself familiar with the United Nations and how it works. I'm living with the Passionist community in Jamaica, New York, and working at the United Nations with the Sisters of Mercy. My aim is to establish the Passionist family as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) at the UN. right: Kevin Dance, C.P.

SpacerFortunately, as the year 2002 began, several UN meetings were being planned, and I was able to participate in them. They covered areas such as the eradication of world poverty, reversing the damage done to the environment, the responsibility of the international community to care for children, aging and its impact on the world community, hearing the voices of indigenous peoples, and addressing the plight of the Palestinian people.

SpacerWe hope we can bring to this important institution our Passionist charism, which invites us to stand with our sisters and brothers who are crucified by unjust structures throughout the world.

SpacerLet's look at the United Nations in this issue of Compassion. What's it all about and why are the Passionists interested in being part of it?

Kevin Dance, C.P.
Co-editor, Compassion Magazine

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