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Marc Chagall, Stained glass at the United NationsImpressions of the Johannesburg Summit

SpacerAt Johannesburg I saw the Magnificat unfolding before my eyes as some less powerful and poorer states spoke out for justice and prophecy. I heard nations with few people and little bargaining power "speak the truth to power."

SpacerI saw civil society and, in particular, the NGO community, work tirelessly behind the scenes, by lobbying representatives of powerful countries when all seemed lost, by letting the power-brokers know that they were being watched and by encouraging the poorest nations to speak out.

SpacerI saw NGOs and civil society help to save the Summit from going backwards. I saw nations without power take on the powerful nations and carry the day. Against a rising mood of meanness by the wealthy nations, I saw a counter movement of generosity from the non-governmental community to share resources, to stand with the poor and to speak out fearlessly in their interests right: Marc Chagall, stained glass at the United Nations






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