The Mystery of the Cross
and the work of the United Nations

by Kevin Dance, C.P.

"The wound is the place where God breaks through ..and may be the place of great creativity."
Marian Woodman.

SpaceSt. Paul reminds us the Cross is a stumbling block for those who do not understand.

SpaceI'd wager you could spend a year at the United Nations and hear not a single mention of "the Cross". On second thoughts, make it 100 years.

SpaceBut actions speak louder...Jesus' experience of the Cross is a resounding NO to all that stifles, crushes or snuffs out life. He puts his life where his words are. In today's phrase, Jesus 'walked the talk'. I suggest that, at its best, what the UN tries to do is a faint echo of what lies at the heart of the Cross. right: Chagall stained glass at the United Nations

SpaceIn 2000 the Nations of the world met in New York to plan better third millennium for us all. UN member States have pledged, by 2015, to halve:

  • people surviving on less than a dollar a day...if you did it to one of the least you did it to me!
  • people who suffer hunger...Don't send them away, feed them yourselves!
  • people with no access to safe drinking water. ....I thirst
  • the mortality rate among children under five....Let the little children come.
  • halt and reverse the spread of HIV/AIDS...Of course I want to, be healed!

SpaceThe Cross challenges us to put faces to the tragic statistics. They are our sisters and brothers. In people's struggles that find a voice at the UN, we hear an echo of Jesus wrestling with evil - hunger, poverty, filthy water, others' greed, disease. NO! Not one of my dear sisters or brothers should live this way.

SpaceNothing genuinely human fails to find an echo in our hearts....Gaudium et Spes.

SpaceThe Mystery of the Cross? Jesus takes on himself the evil of the world that we might all be free. Consciously or not, we are each invited, in our own time and place, to make real this declaration of freedom for today's globalising world.

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