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A Maneuverable Mystic

Cover - No. 76
Atonement is More Than a Word - Augustine Paul Hennessy, C.P.
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Teaching Children the Stations of the Cross - Lynn Ballas
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Crisis and Reform in the Church: Lessons from the Past - Mary Ann Strain, C.P.
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From the Editor

Fr Augustine Paul Hennessy, CP c. 1975Space"Mystic maneuverability" was a provocative phrase Passionist Father Augustine Paul Hennessy sometimes used in conversations with those who knew him. Former editor of The Sign magazine and a past president of the Catholic Theological Society of America, he was a thinker who challenged others and one who loved words.
SpaceHe died on Holy Thursday, April 8, 2004.
SpaceSome months ago an admirer of his writings suggested that we publish some of his past editorials in Compassion and offered one for consideration. It was called "Atonement is More Than a Word," and we begin this issue with it.
SpaceJesus is more than a word or a theological symbol, Augustine writes, he was a man "who has felt the world's pains," who was plunged in the maelstrom of "this messy, disrupted, mixed-up world," and "made his own destiny at -- one with ours until the end of time."
SpaceFor the last 12 years, Fr Augustine was plunged into a suffering world of his own -- acute Alzheimer's disease. A lover of words and conversation, he entered a world of silence, which so often seems to us lifeless. But is it lifeless, if the One "who made his own destiny at-one with ours until the end of time" is also there?
SpaceSurely, Augustine Paul was a mystic, a maneuverable talented mystic, author and speaker of many thoughts and words, a priest his community esteemed. But he knew that thoughts and words and esteem are not all. In ways we don't understand, God's work of redemption goes on, even in the silence.

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