Editor’s Corner: People on the move

Natural disasters have killed and displaced hundreds of thousands of cyclone and earthquake victims. Wars in too many places continue to keep families on the move in search of a safe haven from violence on every side. Grave economic factors often transform innocent citizens of one nation into undocumented migrants in another, often at great personal risk. Cover

A quiet way in which the Roman Catholic Church tries to assist a variety of “people on the move” is through The Pontifical Council for the Pastoral Care of Migrants and Itinerant People. Typing this name into the search engine of the Vatican City website (www.vatican.va) can easily turn a brief visit into a lengthy mini-tour of the whole world. The Council’s concern broadly ranges from all types of forced migration to inspiring voluntary trips like sacred pilgrimages, and even includes the world of circus entertainers.

This issue of Compassion reflects on some of these “people on the move,” those driven from their homeland by hostility or need, as well as those who travel to World Youth Day in Australia. In the spirit of pilgrims of past ages, they go to experience the universal church in microcosm, and to witness to Christ calling youth today. Perhaps, someone may choose to follow Christ in religious life because they read of the missionary example of a Passionist Sister who has traveled for decades with a light suitcase and a heart full of love.

Our paths vary greatly, and the motives for our journeys differ from one another. But, wherever we go, may we always walk in the presence of the Lord, consciously seeking the Spirit’s guidance.

Paul Zilonka, C.P.

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