Editor’s Corner: God’s Living Word

cover links links links links links The Bishops’ Synod on “The Word of God in the Life and Mission of the Church” met in Rome October 5-26, 2008. This occasion invites all of us to reflect on the way sacred scripture forms us as individuals, and as communities of believers throughout the world.

“The word of God is living and active” (Hebrews 4:12). In this issue, we meet some people in whom sacred scripture lives so persuasively that it has led them to extraordinary actions with inestimable benefit to all who hear of them.

Some parishioners in Baltimore, Maryland were invited to give the breath of life to some biblical women who usually remain silent in the stories of salvation. In doing so, these modern disciples of Jesus experienced deeper communion with the God who first inspired those stories. Meditation on Jesus’ own words and his example of forgiveness from the cross brought powerful healing to a Jamaican man whose wife suffered a violent death in a Kingston churchyard. His testimony encourages us to believe in our loving God who can cure our heart’s deepest wounds.

A Dominican Sister-preacher helps us experience how insight into the socio-historical background of first century Galilee can dramatically increase the impact of Jesus’ parables on us by catching us off guard in ways we least expect. Biblical scenes inspired individual artists to paint a scene or compose music. We learn from a quilting program how the more communitarian experience of stitching biblical symbols together can deepen the spiritual relationship of a whole group of individuals at the same time.

God’s word is truly alive in our day!

Paul Zilonka, C.P.

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