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Editor’s Corner: Listening with God's Heart

We read in Psalm 34:18, “When the just cry out, the Lord hears, and rescues them from all their distress.” In God’s providence, the “just,” the “poor of the Lord” know best that God has heard when another human being listens to their burdens and responds with help.

The voices of suffering people fill the airwaves as well as our private conversations. But who is listening?  The Passionists are!

Listening by Ruth Trout

In a Haitian hospital where a priest-doctor offers struggling families physical healing and encouragement for the spirit...

In parishes and retreat house workshops on contemporary Catholic issues where faithful Catholic men and women seek to transform Church teachings into positive action...

In a quiet Monastery parlor where a recovering alcoholic finds solace in taking the “fifth step” so helpful in moving toward sobriety and the healing of past relationships...

In Internet conversations with young adults seeking to channel their talents and energy into a positive force through Church ministry...

In rural villages where laywomen and laymen dedicate precious years of their young lives to accompany Caribbean and Honduran citizens in moving ahead in life right where they live...

In prayerful communion with God after seventy decades of generous service in religious life.

Passionists listen first of all to the loving wisdom of God shown in Jesus Crucified. Inspired by this “memory of the Passion,” Passionists listen to people today who are “crucified” by injustice, by a loss of respect for human life, by a yearning for peace, truth and the fullness of human existence. Then Passionists are prepared to speak a word of God’s comfort to those in distress.

Come, meet some Passionists now!

Paul Zilonka, C.P.

Compassion’s editor blogs at Zilonkaworld