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Two of the African countries where the Passionists are -- Angola and the Democratic Republic of Congo -- are experiencing wrenching civil wars. Communication with our mission station in Angola is practically impossible since the area is in the hands of the rebel “Unita” forces, which have been fighting against the government since independence almost forty years ago. Land mines pepper the landscape.

truck and workers
above: truck and workers outside Bukovu in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

The civil disruptions are often accompanied by rampant inflation as the government circulates more money than it can support by economic development. Local economies are unable to depend on the national government for financial support, so life depends on subsistence level nourishment, bartering for goods and services; banditry and other forms of personal violence follow the absence of a professional police force.

In these countries, it very difficult for the Passionists who live there to earn enough to support themselves from their ministries.

Passionists at work in Africa

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