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Although Angola and the Democratic Republic of Congo represent the worst possible scenarios among our six countries in Africa, Kenya and Tanzania have some of the same difficulties. Kenya suffers from extreme unemployment in the cities, and in the countryside where the Passionists work (South Nyanza) the economy often depends on the productivity of Lake Victoria fishermen, the seasonal rains for the crops and the market forces for the sale of their fish and crops. In Tanzania, Passionists have worked to create and maintain local economic projects: animal husbandry, workshops, grain milling and oil pressing. The national grape and wine industries were begun by Passionist enterprise; today Passionists make Mass wine. (above: fishing on Lake Victoria has been hampered by the invasive water hyacinth)

The two countries of Botswana and South Africa stand apart from the others. Both have entered the new millennium with much stronger economies and investment activity than the other four countries.

Fortunately, the founding provinces in Africa brought with them some very useful languages. The Vicariates of Kenya and Tanzania were begun by Italian Passionists; the Vicariates of Botswana and South Africa were begun by the Irish; and the Belgians brought the French language to the Passionist foundations in what was then Belgian Congo. Angola uses the Portuguese language, and if a foundation is made in Mozambique, it will also be Portuguese speaking. Among Passionists in Africa, there is a good basis for finding a common language.

above right: Nairobi, Kenya at dusk


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