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The Congo: a Country in Turmoil

Refugees in the CongoThe Congo is richly endowed with natural resources, but the country has suffered much in its history from the slave trade, colonization, sickness, disease and tribal conflict. Recently, it has experienced long periods of violence following its transition to independence in 1960; in 1994 the country was inundated by millions of refugees fleeing ethnic bloodshed in Rwanda and Uganda. The country is still reeling from this turmoil. Two Passionists were killed when violence broke out in 1962.

Father Bernard is optimistic, however, about his country's future and the church in his country:

"Yes, the political situation is very bad, but it can change if outside forces would stop their aggression. Outsiders have created many of our problems.

"I'm optimistic about the church in the Congo. It is unique in all of Africa, because of its inculturation. People like the church because it is theirs. They have taken charge of the church here."

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