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Passionists have been in the Congo since 1930, when Belgian missionaries came to work in the central Congo. Eventually, the diocese of Tshumbe was established, with a Passionist bishop, Josef Augustine Haggendorens, as its leader. He worked to establish a native clergy and began two new communities: the Brothers of the Passion and the Sisters of St.Francis Assisi. Today, the Passionists have houses in the city of Tshumbe, as well as in the capital, Kinshasa, and nearly all the Passionists in the Congo are Congolese.

"There are 40 of us," Fr. Bernard reports, "17 priests, and the rest are in formation. Only one priest from Belgium remains. Our apostolate in the Congo is the same as that of the Passionists throughout the world. We preach retreats, do parish ministry. Right now, we are building a large retreat house."

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