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The church's presence is greatly appreciated and it enjoys the esteem and admiration of the people. In regard to evangelization, Catholic institutions are very important, because not many people go to a church to discover faith. Many non-Christians, however, perhaps invited by relatives who are students in our schools, attend conferences or meetings there.

Schools that are sponsored by religious, therefore, offer unique opportunities for evangelization, because of the presence of priests and others who teach and attend courses.

Fr Kishi with retreat group

In Japan, there are at present 7,400 religious women, including cloistered nuns. This means, that for every 50 Catholic women, there is one sister or nun. Certainly, the religious vocation is a gift of God and the reason for so many religious is the strong desire for a serious Christian life which, unfortunately, may be impeded by one’s family, or husband, or his family.

We Passionists are not directly engaged in these works; we fulfill our missionary apostolate principally in two parishes and two retreat houses. In our retreat houses we give retreats to lay-people, Priests, brothers, but above all, to women religious, in groups or individually.

Passionist ministry in Japan


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