Sister Monicah Kgalalelo Kgabuki of Botswana

by Sr Mary Ann Strain, C.P.

Sister MonicahSister Monicah Kgalalelo Kgabuki, a Passionist novice from Botswana, a southern African country north of South Africa, traveled to Argentina this summer for a gathering of new members of the Sisters of the Cross and Passion from around the world. For two weeks, young Passionist sisters from North and South America, Europe and Africa, lived, worked, prayed and played together, forging bonds they hope will last a lifetime.

For Sister Monicah the experience was particularly valuable. In Botswana, the Passionist Sisters were able to accept women from Botswana into the community only recently, because of the political situation, and Sister Monicah and Sister Botshela Ntshue are the only young people in an older community.

"To see other young people struggling like you somehow helps. I'm encouraged to continue in this way of life and my vocation is strengthened."

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