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Chapel at GaboroneSister Monicah Kgalalelo Kgabuki comes from Gabane, a small village 15 kilometers west of Gaborone, the capital of Botswana. (Kgalalelo, her Setswana name, means "glory".)

"We are ten in my family. I have two elder brothers, two elder sisters, two younger sisters and one younger brother. I come from a family of great faith, which I thank God for. My father has a strong Catholic faith. When I was at school I was attracted to the Pentecostal Churches as are many young people in my country, but it was my family's faith, especially my father's, that kept me in the Catholic Church."

right: stained glass in the Passionist Forest Hill chapel at Gaborone

students and novicesSister Monicah was attracted to the Passionist Sisters when they first came to Gabane Village. Her mother worked as their housekeeper; through her she learned how the sisters lived and began to think about joining them.

"They were different. They loved everybody and they treated everybody very well."

Now, after two years as a novice, she is studying theology, the New Testament and spirituality, as she prepares to make her first profession. The most important thing she has learned these last two years, she says, is how to pray and the various ways of praying. Her studies have given her a new and better understanding of the church. Along with male Passionist novices from Botswana she and Sister Botshela attend an inter-Congregational novitiate program in South Africa.

Sr Angela and Passionist students and novices in Botswana




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