A Director of Novices Asks:
What Can We Offer?

by Isaia Kishi, C.P.

What can the Passionists offer those who may want to enter their congregation?

The offer of environment and opportunities is not enough for inviting them to risk their whole life on the congregation.

Fr Kishi and three seminariansRather, what the congregation offers is a way, an itinerary. We must be convinced that if we follow this path, we will eventually get to God, although it may take time. If we can't be sure of this, we should not invite the young to join us.

What we can offer young people is a way to eternal salvation. Nothing less can be good enough for those we invite to spend their lives in our congregation.

Eternal salvation is the expressed common goal for all religious. For Passionists, eternal life and union with the living God is achieved by traveling deeper into the event called the Passion of Christ.

There will always be some young people who are attracted to Jesus Christ on the Cross, without knowing exactly why. They are being called to come to him by the Living God.

If anyone wants to get to the root of that attraction, come to the Passionist Congregation and join us.

You can enter the very core of the happening of the Cross:

"No one will take your joy from you." John 16:22

above right: Fr Kishi (third from left) and three seminarians

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