Passionist Sisters Meet in Argentina

by Laurie-Ann Templeton

"Where do you live?"
"Come and see."
John 1: 38, 39

This summer I had a chance to answer that question when, along with other new members of the Sisters of the Cross and Passion from Wales, Ireland, Botswana, Peru, Argentina and the United States, I attended an International Formation Gathering of Passionist Sisters in Argentina that lasted for two weeks.

Sign of Sisters of the Cross and PassionWe lived with our Argentinean sisters in their homes among the poor in the barrios of Buenos Aires, sharing meals, stories and the different worlds from which we came. We saw their ministries and the unique gifts that they bring to our congregation. I treasure our prayers together, our conversations and the new relationships we formed.

I will remember the Argentinean people I met; their spirit in poverty and adversity was an inspiration. They are a joyful, hospitable people, who welcomed the sisters and their guests from "far away."

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