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Argentina gatheringAfter living with our Argentinean sisters in the barrios for one week, we gathered at Michael Ham College in Vicente Lopez, Buenos Aires to share a weekend in which we spoke about our different cultures and discussed our visions for the future. Approximately twenty sisters shared the ways the Passionist Charism is lived out in their daily lives. In song and dance and gesture we prayed and expressed the ways of God and how we bring God to others. I was filled with joy by the vibrant spirit among us.

Our small gathering represents the future. What will it be? How will we who are so diverse and from so many places stay together?

As Passionist Sisters we are drawn to the Passionist charism in the place where we live. Yet, the experience of suffering, death and resurrection transcends borders. We are called to walk with Godís people through these experiences no matter where we are.

I think that our facilitator, Padre Juan Ignacio Cleary, C.P., said it best, "In a rainbow there are many colors. It would be monotonous to have just one shade -- thank God."

Laurie-Ann Templeton is a Passionist candidate from the United States preparing to begin her novitiate in 2001.

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