Editor's Corner: Reaching Out in Media's New Age

We are excited here where "Compassion" is conceived, edited and sent to the printer. Here's the reason...

The Passionists are a relatively small religious congregation with a huge mission. Our vocation is to proclaim Christ Crucified by our preaching and our lives. Even though our numbers are not that great, we discover that our outreach can be greater than ever before.

How is this possible? Through the electronic media -- especially the Internet -- we have a potential worldwide audience. New vineyards of the Kingdom of God, closed to preaching for centuries, are now open.

Through the use of the computer, we can now access China, for example, where the Catholic church is suffering a new wave of persecution. It can also penetrate Muslim nations like Afghanistan, where preaching the Gospel can cost you your life. This may be impossible right now -- but how about the next generation, not so attached to the old ways? With better technology and a computer-driven communication, who can predict the future?

Father Victor Hoagland, the creative associate editor of "Compassion," has introduced me to the mystery of the Internet. To me, illiterate in the ways of the computer, it's still very much of a mystery. As he patiently assists me in seeing the future, as well as the present potential of this modern means of communication, I am overwhelmed.

When I was a young theological student, I prayed for the conversion of Tibet -- I even hoped to be sent to that mission field. At that time, the Passionists were working in Hunan, China. For over half a century that dream seemed to be beyond achievement.

Yet, in a true sense, that dream can now be realized. I can visit Tibet and preach the Word of God by putting the beauty and wisdom of the Gospel on the Passionist pages of the Internet. Then, the next generation of Tibetans, at their computers, can listen to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Holy Spirit will do the rest!

Kilian McGowan, C.P.

Kilian McGowan, C.P. was founding editor of the Passionists Compassion and edited the magazine until his death in July, 1998.

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