Editor's Corner: How are your vocations?

Wherever I go, be it in the barbershop, airport, parish mission or retreat, or just a social gathering, the question is always asked. "'How are your vocations?" The question springs from a very obvious concern: there are fewer priest and religious vocations. Why is this so? What is going to happen?

This issue of Compassion presents excerpts from two descriptions current environment, one from a talk that Cardinal Godfried Danneels of Brussels addressed to a gathering of seminary rectors and the other from an article on the so-called Generation X. It is to this age group that we look for the next generation of vocations.

Two vocation directors, a priest and a sister, discuss the difficulties and the rewards of working with vocations today.

Lastly, we include the story of a Passionist who has chosen to follow the invitation of Jesus to put aside all things and follow him. What attracted him? Why did he so decide ?

The picture looks bleak at times. But the work of discipleship is more diversified than ever. Too many of us look at the bleak side and forget that we are living in momentous times. The Holy Spirit is guiding the Church along mysterious paths. We walk in faith and hope. Men and women are still responding to the invitation: "Come follow Me."

Columkille Regan, C.P.,
guest editor

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