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What's In A Story?

Raphael:Madonna and ChildEach of us possesses something that is utterly his or her own. We have the unique and exclusive ownership of this possession. It is our story.

Your story contains your origins and personal development with all the influences that affected your growth-process. It is a more insightful story if it understands your value system, your hopes and achievements. It should highlight what makes you to be you.

A perceptive story-teller catches all the nuances of a human personality. That speaker or writer is even more proficient when the subject of the story is placed in his or her historical milieu.

Father Victor Hoagland, C.P. is such a story-teller. In the pages that follow, he tells the story of Mary, the mother of Jesus. Drawing on Scripture and Tradition, Christian art and piety, as well as other sources, he paints a picture of Mary that is both human and down-to-earth.

This special edition of Compassion was first published in 1988 in celebration of the Marian Year. We trust that you'll enjoy its re-publication on the World Wide Web.

Kilian McGowan, C.P.
Editor, Compassion

above right: Madonna and Child, Bellini