The Passionists Compassion

A Collection of Prayers

Marian Year Prayer of
Pope John Paul II

Mother of the Redeemer,
with great joy we call you blessed.
In order to carry out
his providential plan of salvation,
God the Father chose you
before the creation of the world.
You believed in his love
and obeyed his word.
The Son of God desired you for his Mother
when he became man to save the human race.
You received him
with ready obedience and undivided heart.
The Holy Spirit loved you
as his mystical spouse,
and he filled you with singular gifts.
You allowed yourself to be led
by his hidden and powerful action.

Annunciation tapestr

Eleventh Century
Irish Litany of Mary

Great Mary
Greatest of Marys
Greatest of Women
Mother of Eternal Glory
Mother of the Golden Light
Honor of the Sky
Temple of the Divinity
Fountain of the Gardens
Serene as the Moon
Bright as the Sun
Garden Enclosed
Temple of the Living God
Light of Nazareth
Beauty of the World
Queen of Life
Ladder of Heaven
Mother of God
Pray for us

Ave Maria - W.J. Reynolds

Prayer for the Marian Year

O Mother of our Redeemer,
chosen by the Father,
gift to all humanity
be present among us as we journey
on our pilgrimage of faith.
During this year dedicated to you
may our knowledge
and love of you increase.
May our devotion to you be intensified
as you lead us lovingly to your Son.

ruins of St Mary's Abbey, Iona

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