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Mary in Christian Tradition

Feasts of Mary

Madonna and Child - Filippino Lippi

The Calendar of the Catholic Church, with its feasts, scriptural readings and prayers, is a good guide to Christian belief about Mary and her role in our life. The universal calendar, revised in 1970, celebrates feasts of Mary almost every month.

There are major feasts of Mary and feasts of lesser rank. Many of the feasts originate early on in the churches of the east, which still celebrate them today. Besides these feasts, devoted particularly to Mary, other feasts of our Lord, like the feast of Christmas, the Annunciation, the Visitation, and the Presentation give Mary a special place.

The major feasts of Mary point to the most important reasons for honoring Mary, and they explain our relationship to her. They contain the substance of the Church's belief about her.

The Solemnity of Mary, the Mother of God (January 1)
The Immaculate Conception of Mary (December 8)
The Assumption of Mary (August 15)
Feasts of the Lord in which Mary is noted
Other Feasts of Mary