Doing anything good today?

St Philip Neri"Doing anything good today?" That's what St. Philip Neri used to say to young people he met on the streets and alleyways of 16th century Rome, at a time when the great city was in deep decline. Without charismatic leaders, the church was paralyzed; morale was low and people felt that nothing could be done. Then, the saintís infectious zeal spilled over into the souls of Rome's young men and women and the city was transformed. He was one of the great saints of the Counter Reformation.

"Doing anything good today?" Too simple a formula for transforming a city, or a church, or a family? Maybe not. For one thing, the question fits us all, whatever talents, age or energy we have. It calls for using our gifts, whatever they are, not waiting for someone else to do something, some master plan to be put in place, or some great person to come along. Our salt and our light are what we have to give to our world. So let's give what we can.

This issue of Compassion scans the world of the Passionist community and looks at some who doing good today. They do their good in a steady way; all of them have been at it for years. They witness a variety of involvements, because even in religious communities doing good comes in many forms.

It's important to notice the good people do. But it can be dangerous too. If we do it enough, it may cause to notice ourselves and ask: “Am I doing any good today?”

Father Victor Hoagland, C.P.
Editor, Compassion Magazine

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