Editor's Corner: Offerings

This year we celebrate two anniversaries in the Missionary work of the Church. This issue of Compassion recognizes the work of two women whose extraordinary love for the Missions has accomplished so much over the years.

The first is St. Therese of Lisieux who boasted that she never gave God anything but love alone. In her burning desire to effect the conversion of every soul to Christ, she even presumed to want to be the 'heart' of the Mystical Body of Christ, so that no creature could escape God's all-embracing love. The story in these pages tells how she became the Church's "Patroness of the Missions." This year marks the 100th anniversary of her death.

The other person, hardly as well known as the "Little Flower," is Pauline Jaricot. This year is the 175th anniversary of her founding the Propagation of the Faith. Pauline was a silk-worker at a factory in Lyons, France, who encouraged her co-workers to donate a penny a week from their small salaries for the spread of the Faith. Fr. Richard Leary, C.P. writes a brief tribute to her in his article "Pennies from Heaven." One of the first beneficiaries of Pauline's zeal was the United States in territory acquired by the Louisiana Purchase.

In the article "Playing for Time," we are introduced to yet another heroine from the World War II concentration camp at Auschwitz. In the last issue of Compassion, we heard of Blessed Edith Stein (Sr. Theresa Benedicta, O.Carm.) who is to be canonized in the near future. This issue's heroine's name is also Edith, and I believe you'll find her story most unusual and inspiring. It surely proves that in the hell of Auschwitz, God was present in a special way.

In a final article, Joseph Albino tells how at least 50 million people start each day with "The Morning Offering" and how this daily crusade of prayer started.

Kilian McGowan, C.P.

Kilian McGowan, C.P. was founding editor of the Passionists Compassion and edited the magazine until his death in July, 1998.

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