Are You Weary and Seeking Rest?

PathWeariness is like the weather — it affects everyone, there is no escape from it. It hits us all, at least occasionally, and sometimes it enshrouds us like a wet blanket. It’s rarely any fun, but it can have a redemptive value. It doesn’t have it be utterly frustrating; it can be sanctifying.

Weariness played such an important part in the life of our Blessed Lord that we must conclude that God has a special compassion and love for those who are heavily burdened. Perhaps this is why Christ made himself the personal refreshment of those in need of rest. “Come to me all you who labor and are burdened, and I will give you rest.”

Most of us labor, practically all of us are burdened, but too many of us fail to get refreshment because we fail to go to Christ. Yet, he offered his invitation to all. Our Lord was more than a man acquainted with weariness; he was God who told us — and showed us — how to use it well.

When Christ spoke of weariness he spoke as one who had been its constant companion through life. Not just three years of exhausting missionary work, preaching, healing, comforting and admonishing. Not just three hours of agonizing weariness on the cross. But a lifetime of thirty years with few moments free from work or suffering.

Our greatest cross is not being tired, or weary, or burdened with the trials of this life. It's in failing to use them well, in being ignorant of the true source of refreshment and peace, in failing to go to Christ when we need him most. He can only give us rest if we approach him with faith and confidence. It’s a rest the world cannot give.

— Kilian Mc Gowan, C.P. (from Your Way to God)

Photo credit: Bread on the Waters

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