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Joseph the Carpenter

Joseph was the carpenter of Nazareth. Not only did he make tools and furniture out of wood, but he probably built and repaired his neighbors' simple house and sheds.

Occasionally he may have left his town to work elsewhere on projects that needed skilled laborers like him. For in those days, Herod Antipas, the ambitious ruler of Galilee, was constantly constructing new buildings, even new cities, throughout the region and good workers were always in demand.

Joseph, the carpenter

Later Joseph may even have taken his young son along to work at his side. Each year as many of the people of Nazareth as could made the four-day journey up to Jerusalem, the holy city, to celebrate the Jewish feasts. There they were easily recognized as Galileans by their way of speaking and their rough clothes and manners. But few people had even heard of Nazareth or could tell you where it was.

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