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Joseph, the quiet father

The story of Christ's birth in Bethlehem is too well known to tell in full. One might notice , however, that Luke and Matthew tell Joseph's part in the event from different perspectives.

at the manger
da Fabriano - Manger

In Luke's account, Joseph and Mary travel to Bethlehem, David's own city, because Caesar Augustus, the Roman Emperor, decreed that a census be taken throughout the world.

Joseph remains quietly in the background when the child is born and shepherds come to adore.

The couple fulfills Jewish law, arranging for the circumcision of the child and calling him Jesus.

in the temple

After thirty days, they journey five miles to Jerusalem to present the child to God in the temple. Old Simeon and Anna praise God for the child they take eagerly into their arms.

Afterwards, Mary and Joseph return with the infant to Nazareth.

Joseph fulfills the usual role of a Jewish father, yet he silently marvels at the signs that accompany Jesus' birth.

strong protector

Sign of the Passion

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