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Text by Victor Hoagland, C.P.

Mary Magdalene and the Early Christian Church

SpacerThe New Testament says little about Mary Magdalene after the resurrection of Jesus. We know nothing certain about where she lived or died.

SpacerSince the time of Pope Gregory in the 7th century, Mary Magdalene was identified in western church art, liturgy, and popular devotion with Mary of Bethany, and the sinful woman who washed Jesus feet. (Luke 7)

SpacerHowever, eastern church traditions and many modern scripture scholars say that these are three distinct women. One early eastern tradition reports that Mary Magdalene accompanied Mary, the Mother of Jesus, and St.John to the city of Ephesus in Asia Minor where she died. Her remains were brought to Constantinople.

SpacerAnother legend says she went to Rome to defend Christ's innocence before the emperor against Pontius Pilate and his enemies.

Mary of Bethany
Mary of Bethany

Washing the Lord's Feet
Washing the Lord's feet

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