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"Mary, called Magdalene" - Introduction
Whatever her dark secrets, Mary was unhappy, - so unhappy she could hardly go on. She had wealth, but wealth could not remove the sorrow that followed her everywhere.
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A Cure and a Friend
She listened to him speak and his words themselves lifted her spirits. Afterwards she came up to him to ask for his help. He told her to have faith in God.
Jesus and Women
It was unusual for a Jewish teacher to associate so closely with women. Yet Jesus did. He had none of the prejudices against them common in his time. For him, women were children of God, not the servants of man.
Women and Jesus
Women were attentive listeners to his teaching. They saw what he did and they remembered everything.
A Hope to Catch His Eye
Mary Magdalene stood with Jesus' mother while he hung dying on the cross. The soldiers kept them at a distance; they had no time for a victim's loved ones or their pity.
Heartbreak and Mission
On Easter Sunday morning, while it was still dark, Mary came back to the tomb. The Passover had not been a day of joy for her.
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The belief of Christians in the resurrection of Jesus would be founded on this woman's word.
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Mary Magdalene and the Early Christian Church
The New Testament says little about Mary Magdalene after the resurrection of Jesus. We know nothing certain about where she lived or died.
Mary Magdalene in the Middle Ages
Legends abound.
A Strong Influence on Art of the Middle Ages
Mary Magdalene had a strong influence on the Christian imagination of the Middle Ages: in art, drama, poetry and spirituality.
In the Company of the Saints
By the 12th century, there was widespread devotion to her in the Western Church.

Sign of the Passion

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