Peter: fisherman and founder


So Peter was not there when Jesus died on Calvary. On Easter Sunday, he was hiding in Jerusalem with the other disciples, ashamed of their cowardice, when some women who were close to Jesus went to anoint his body.

They came back with startling news: "He is not there!"

Running to the tomb with John, Peter, too, found the body gone.

Soon that same day, Jesus, risen from the dead, appeared to Peter and then to the others. Again and again he returned to reassure them, for they could hardly believe their eyes.

On one of these occasions he said to Peter:

Peter"Simon, do you love me?"

"Yes, Lord, you know I love you," Peter answered.

"Feed my lambs and my sheep."

Three times Jesus repeated his question and three times Peter answered, until the words seemed to erase the memory of the previous words of denial. Once again they would walk together as friends.

At Jesus' command, Peter waited in Jerusalem with the other disciples and Mary the mother of Jesus for the coming of the Holy Spirit. When the grace of Pentecost descended on them, their spirits were set on fire and they preached in the Temple and the streets of Jerusalem about Jesus who died and rose from the dead.

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