Peter: fisherman and founder

Spreading the Word

As great as the miracles that Jesus performed before his death were, they hardly compare to the change the Holy Spirit worked in the disciples at Pentecost.

After Pentecost they saw Jesus in a new way: as God's only Son who had conquered death and brought new life. A new depth of love for him filled their hearts, and a new bravery inspired what they said and did. They were no longer frightened and unsure.

Peter Peter spoke as their leader in those early days after Pentecost, and his words were so persuasive that many Jews from all parts of the world who had come to Jerusalem for the feast became believers in Jesus.

The disciple even had power to heal people. At the gate of the Temple he cured a crippled beggar and crowds gathered enthusiastically around him as they had gathered before around Jesus.

Once more, as they did some months before, the authorities in Jerusalem intervened by trying to crush this movement from Galilee. But nothing, not even jail or beatings or death threats, could prevent Peter and the others from telling the story of the One they loved and knew by faith as the Son of God..

After preaching for some time in Holy City where the Christian community was now established, Peter went with John into Samaria, and from there to the coast cities of Joppa and Caesarea. His preaching among the Jews made new converts and he performed more miracles there, healing a paralyzed man and returning a dead woman named Tabitha to life.

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