Peter: fisherman and founder

A Turning Point in Caesarea

Peter's journey to Caesarea became a turning point for the new Christian movement. In that city, the Roman centurion Cornelius embraced the Christian faith.

Caesarea was the Roman capital of Palestine, where the Roman procurator resided and a considerable garrison of soldiers was stationed. As a base for the foreign conquerors of their land, it was a city Jews avoided if they could.

A Centurion Sees a Vision

But, like the Roman centurion at Capernaum, Cornelius was a gentile and a Roman who admired the Jews and their ancient faith.

The angel visits CorneliusAn angel spoke to him in a vision: "Cornelius."

He answered in fear: "What is it?"

"Your prayers and kindness have been heard by God. Now send messengers to Joppa and have them bring one called Simon Peter, who is staying as a guest of a certain Simon, a tanner, whose house is by the sea."

He summoned two of his servants and sent them off to Joppa.

Peter's vision

Sign of the Passion

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