Peter: fisherman and founder

"Where are you going, Lord?"

According to tradition, Peter was arrested and imprisoned with the others, but then he was freed from jail unexpectedly.

He decided to flee the city, perhaps fearing that he might deny his Master once again in the pressure of the moment. For it was said that he could never tell the story of his former betrayal without shedding tears. But as he was leaving the city gate, he saw Jesus entering city.

"Where are you going, Lord?" Peter asked.

"I am going to Rome to be crucified again," Jesus answered.

Michaelangelo - The Crucifixion of Peter

"Then I am going too," the disciple said, as Jesus disappeared ahead of him.

Returning to the city, Peter was arrested by the police and brought to Nero's field near the Vatican Hill.

There he was crucified head down to the ground, for, according to some reports, he said he was not worthy to die upright on a cross like his Lord Jesus Christ.

Pius IX praying at statue of St Peter

His body was taken and buried in the city, and there it lies under the great church that bears his name till this day.

Sign of the Passion

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