Peter: fisherman and founder

In Peter, one of the first men to be called by Jesus as a disciple, we meet a person of great contrasts. Famously, we know Peter as a man capable both of drawing a sword to defend a friend and of simply walking away in the friend's time of greatest need. Peter could forget himself long enough to begin walking across rolling waves to meet Jesus; just as suddenly, he could succumb in a storm of doubt.

For much of his life, Peter's devotion to his religious and ethnic background kept him apart from those with whom he had little in common. But his devotion to Jesus Christ overcame his parochialism. Guided by the Holy Spirit, Peter helped to open the Good News of Jesus to the whole world, not just to descendants of Abraham.

Peter's interesting and important story, retold here by Fr Victor Hoagland, C.P., begins in a place called Capernaum.

"nature gathered every plant and season..."

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