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You may, without specific permission, link to or publish links to any documents at this site.

FAQ: What about permission to use material on these Web pages?

We think this page will answer your questions. Please read the whole thing before contacting us.

As you look at it, please know that we understand
that the policy causes significant distress to those who wish to make multiple copies for various worthy purposes and to those looking for help with presentations, paper publications, and Web sites. It is a policy that we adopted with great reluctance only after we determined that more lenient approaches led inevitably to problems with copyright infringements. We wish it were otherwise.

What use may I make of your text, illustrations, or other content?
You may make a single paper copy of Web pages at for your personal (i.e., not group) use. Please note that this is permission to make a single paper copy, only. Additional copies are not permitted and we do not permit use for any other purpose or in any other way.
• May I (or we or our church or school or organization) reprint or copy or republish words and/or illustrations that appear on this site? Or may we use this in a PowerPoint™ presentation, in a video, on our Web site, or in some other form?
In summary, no.

We're sorry, but we do not grant permission for reprinting, copying, republishing or other use in any form. This applies to all types of republication and public use.
Even if we are not going to make paper copies (or additional copies)?
Even for a fee?
No. Much of the content, though not all of it, is available at very reasonable prices through the Passionist online bookstore, or through other retailers of religious literature. December 1, 2006 update: because of construction at the publisher's headquarters, will re-open July 1, 2007
May I print a copy of a Web page for my personal use?
Yes. As stated above, you may make a single paper copy of Web pages at for your personal (i.e., not group) use. We encourage you to do so; the material may be something that you will want to reflect on and use in prayer. As you understand from the information above, additional paper copies are not permitted.
May we link to your site or provide the URL (Web address) on a Web site, in a paper publication, or in other media?
You may without express permission refer to the title of a Web site or Web page provided that you include the complete URL (Internet address) and you may without express permission provide the URL in any media. You may not link content in frames.

The publisher of Bread on the Waters Web Pages has authority to respond on behalf of its content providers to requests for permissions to use content published at this site. Permission requests sent directly to authors are forwarded to us for processing.

Again, we understand that this policy disappoints those who want our help with various types of presentations and projects. We were very sorry to discover that other approaches to permissions led inevitably to problems with copyright infringement. We ask you to understand that is a policy about which we have thought long and very carefully. Our choice, which is different from others whose material is available in published form (and who typically make little fully accessible on the Web), is to share generously with individuals who use the Internet as a way to explore information and ideas to use in their daily lives.

You are certainly welcome to email the publisher of this site to register your disagreement, disapproval, or frustration with our mission. Although exceptions are never granted and she gets a little tired of being accused of selfishness and meanness, usually she will reply politely and with genuine sympathy for your situation. She, herself, sometimes needs material for various purposes and thus must purchase printed copies from the publisher, develop original material herself, or look for content other than what she, herself, has published on the Internet!

Ultimately, the purpose of the Bread on the Waters Web Site is to make available on the Internet material to be read by people using the Internet. Because our content comes from material paper-published and available for sale, it would not be appropriate to permit uses that could lead to copyright problems.

Other Web publishers do want to make their content available for public use. If this is what you need, the advanced search options of google will be of great help to you.

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see also: FAQs about why we enforce copyright


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