Lord, teach us how to pray

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Learning About Prayer
  • The Gift of Prayer
    is at the heart of a vital, personal relationship with God. Thoughts on how to receive and use this precious gift.
  • Taught by the Holy Spirit
    Stories of the patriarchs and the prophets, the history of Israel, the great prayers we call the psalms, taught even Jesus about prayer
  • Jesus Prayed
    Because Jesus became like us, he had to learn to pray. We can learn from his example and from his teaching.
  • The Prayer Jesus Taught Us
    can awaken and stimulate our faith. In it Jesus teaches us how to approach God.
  • The Hail Mary and the Rosary
    both simple and profound. In it we participate "in the communion of saints" who pray with and for us in union with Jesus Christ.
  • The Sign of the Cross
    "symbolizes God blessing us, God embracing us with blessings. And in this same sign we express our belief in God from whom all our blessings flow."


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